Friday, 17 April 2015

Beaujolais Renegades

I rarely drink Beaujolais for some reason. A good (male) friend of mine is a Fleurie fan which is unusual and quite cool at the same time.

So many people have got used to big Aussie reds and they kind of de-sensitise your palate in the same way as strong coffee - anyway I digress.

I found a bottle of Saint Amour in the wine rack, quite by accident. Saint Amour is the second smallest 'Beaujolais Cru' and I'm ashamed to say I hadn't tried it before. With chicken wrapped in Parma ham for dinner, it was a yes from me.

To save me explaining, you can read all about the differences between bog standard Beaujolais and the cru's here:

For a bit of added interest it seems the rebellious cru's are breaking away from the 'Nouveau' crowd to go it alone. Read all about it here:

Anyway, back to the Saint Amour and here is a picture (empty bottle of course). Particularly good with charcuterie or soft cheese and bread. Lovely, lively cherry and strawberry flavours and really scrumptious. Suppliers are Boutinot wines but as I said a complete surprise to find it in the wine rack, so you'll have to Google it to see where you can buy!

Perhaps the wine fairy put it there!

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